Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Year's Resolutions?

Apparently I didn't make one to update more often. And Mom should have made one to take more pictures of Axel and me. Our family has been busy with work, school, skiing, racing and biking over the last few months. No complaints from our end.

Mom, me and Dad after my AVSC race yesterday. Ski school was awesome this year!

Uncle Ben, Mom and Uncle Ted atop Highland Bowl yesterday. Ben and Ted came for a visit and to get some skiing in with Mom and Dad. Thankfully the weather was perfect.

Dad and Mom on Highlands. Nice treat for them to ski together.

Axel and Mom skiing at West Buttermilk back in January or December. Axel is getting to be a good little skier. He's still on the harness but all the way out and having a blast.

Kiki, T, Ax and I after a West Buttermilk ski day.

Axel doing what he loves most - cleaning! And in big boy undies.

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