Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watch Out!

Watch out, here we come! Henry and I enjoying a ride in the car at the grocery store. We have been having so much fun with Ben, Becky, Christopher and Henry here.

Juniper and Christopher have been skiing at Snowmass and Sunlight while Mom and Dad have also been skiing at Highlands with Ben and Becky. Henry and I have been enjoying our special time with Kiki and T. Watching each other play is great entertainment and Henry enjoys sharing with me. Something Juniper is still a little unsure of at times.

Mom & Dad took Henry & I up Sunlight today while the rest of the group skied.

I think Henry is a bit heavier than I am but Mom had the light skis.

Mom & Dad at the top of Highlands Bowl yesterday. Ben hiked as well and enjoyed a great ski down.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playing All Winter

Life has been good and fun. Skiing with Luz in ski school, sledding with Dad, playing with friends and now hanging with my cousins.

Axel finally got his first two teeth but will only show them off by biting you so we have no pictures of them yet. The little man is not quite crawling but is working hard at mastering the skill. He still rolls everywhere he needs to go so he is still mobile.

Earlier this week we took advantage of some super warm weather with some bike riding and running. Now we have some fresh snow to share with Ben, Becky, Christopher and Henry. We are going to have some fun skiing tomorrow!

More playing on tap for the next few days! Enjoy!

Playing dress-up with Tacie & Fritz.