Friday, December 16, 2011

Congratulations Kevin & Catherine

Dad and I flew to Richmond by ourselves for Kevin and Catherine's wedding last weekend. I think Dad was a little nervous about traveling alone with me after my recent behavior, but I was an angel.

Not only did I follow directions and behave well on the plane, I was also great the entire time in Richmond. Santa is coming soon after all.

Mimi took me to the zoo where we got up close and personal with the animals. Uncle Patrick got to spend a lot of time with me which was a treat for both of us. Despite everyone worrying that I couldn't sit through the wedding ceremony, I enjoyed every minute of it (plus Mimi brought me a sticker book). Then Dad let me stay up super late dancing the night away.

How could I not behave angelic in this situation?

Me, Ryann & Dad having some Play-Do time before the wedding.

You don't get to do this at the average zoo.

Ryann & I dancing the night away.

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