Monday, November 17, 2008

Moab Fun

It had been awhile since we had been to the desert so the family decided to head to Moab for the weekend. Mom is training for the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge so Moab is the perfect place to paddle, bike and run.

Our friends Rachel, Andi and Nick joined us for the weekend since we rarely get to see them at home. Dad, me, Rachel & Andi went for a hike up to Corona Arch on Saturday morning with all four dogs while Mom paddled for a few hours. Dad and I are getting to be experts on the arch but it was fun to show it to Rachel and Andi.

I hung out with Andi on Saturday afternoon while Mom and Dad went on a great ride from the LaSal Mountains back to town. Dad had been talking about the Hazard County, UPS, LPS and Porcupine ride for awhile and was super excited to show it to Mom. Mom however, needed much more uphill training than downhill so she decided to ride back up into the LaSals to retrieve the truck after the ride. Dad and I enjoyed playing and eating while Mom rode the 30 miles (20+ uphill) back to car in the dark. We were pretty relieved to be at the condo and not joining Mom.

Mom and I enjoyed some lounging and breakfast at the condo on Sunday morning while Dad had a great ride in Slickrock. We had to be out of the condo by 11am and I needed a nap so Mom towed me in my Chariot for a nice ride. The afternoon called for more paddling for Mom so Dad and I headed up Negro Bill Canyon for a hike. We had been up this trail a few other times but had never made it to the arch so we finally did it!

It was great to be back in the desert, playing in the sand, hanging with friends, hiking and biking. More great pictures from Nick here. I am looking forward to going again for Thanksgiving and to seeing my buddy Jack Tobin!

Rachel, Zora & I at Corona Arch

Dad in his cave on UPS

Mom & Andi at Gold Bar boat ramp

Corona Arch

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I've been slacking with keeping you all updated with my life because we've been very busy and having tons of fun. Mom and I have started going to Gypsum two days a week which means that I get to hang with Pam, Emily & Shane that much more. Sweet! Mom's working a bit more but now also has more time to play with me at home. Sweet!

Last weekend Mom's friend Kashmira (Mom's known her forever) and her husband Dan came for a visit. Kash and Dan are going to grad scool in Laramie, WY so now they're only five hours away (much closer than LA). It sounds like school is a lot of work and reading but hopefully one day I'll make it there.

We had tons of fun catching up with those guys and getting to see Rachel, Nick, Andi and Zora (my favorite dog) as well. Mom had to train paddling since she is off to Abu Dhabi soon so we had to skip out on the hike but we did have a fun dinner and breakfast with everyone as well as playing at the house.

I am working hard on more words and try to use them to get my point across but sometimes I get frustrated and just point. It's coming along though. That's about it for now. We are headed to Moab this weekend for some sun, paddling and biking.

Mom and Dad never took out the camera last weekend, so check out Nick's photo's here.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Last year I was pretty little at Halloween so Mom and Dad dressed me as a pumpkin and brought me to Scott and Mavis' to help hand out candy. This year I am much bigger, older and wiser so I wanted to do something a little more grown-up. Luckily, Nate and Karyn Simmons had a Halloween Party with lots of yummy chili, cupcakes, kids and toys!

I have awesome pink John Deere cowgirl boots so why not pay tribute to my Colorado heritage and be a cowgirl for Halloween. I must say, I looked great with my boots, pink bandanna, sheriff's badge, pink lasso and cowgirl hat! Most of my friends were chickens (notice Fritz's outfit next to me), bears or other animals but I decided something different would be fun.

Mom and Dad's friend Kara hung with me on Saturday while Mom, Dad and Nick (Kara's husband) went for one last mountain bike ride in Aspen. Kara took me to the park in Aspen where I found a soccer ball and proceeded to dribble it around the field like a pro. What can I say, soccer is in my genes. Mom and Dad should probably get me a ball so I can practice more at home.

Mom and Dad riding on Van Horn Trail in Aspen.

I've been suffering a little with a runny nose so I awoke very early Sunday morning but at least got Mom and Dad up and going. After a bunch of work around the house, some running, paddling and hiking we all headed off to Edwards for a visit with Joel, Kelly and Owen. I had a great time watching the baby, playing with his toys and scaring all the adults that I may fall on him or rough him up somehow.

Dad and I at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon.

Mom heads up the Colorado River for some paddling while Dad and I hike.

Pam, me, Mom & Rebecca at Baby Beach in Paia, Maui.