Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mom's in the Desert, we're in the Artic

I guess it's a little ironic that the day Mom leaves for her big adventure race in Abu Dhabi, we get the biggest storm the Colorado High Country has seen in a long time. Since Wednesday, Aspen has gotten over three feet of snow. We've had at least two feet of snow at the house. And it's still coming down....

But, that's ok. Dad and I decided to go out and play! First, I had to get suited up to go outside. I kind of feel like Ralphie's little brother, Randy in this get-up. "I can't move my arms!"

Anyway, Dad put me in the Baby Bjorn and we skinned up the road from the house for about an hour. The rhythmic motion put me right to sleep. But then, Dad took the skins off the skis and we cruised back down to the house. I woke up for that and giggled the whole way down while Mr. Hank and Zulu chased us.

I miss Mom but so far, Dad and I are having fun! Today we're going to pick up Grandma Mimi at the airport (if her plane can land) so she can help out while Mom is away racing.

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