Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mountain Games

The Mountain Games in Vail marked the end of kindergarten. I had a great year and am looking forward to 1st grade next year. Axel will move up into the preschool room at Mt. Sopris Montessori school and be in 'my' old room.

Mom and I went mountain biking a few weeks before the mountain games just a few days before she was put back in the boot.

Check out my new mountain bike that I got as an early birthday present!

Axel getting ready for the zip line at the Mountain Games.
Axel on the zip line. He went with Justine first and then wanted to go alone like the big kids.
Axel stand-up paddling. He had one swim in the pool but was only mad because he thought he wasn't going to be able to paddle again.
I really want my own stand-up paddle board.

Dad won his 'old man's race' - nice work Dad!
Dad and Mike with Dhani Jones, former NFL player and TV host that Dad hung out with all weekend.
Axel recovering from a big weekend back at school on Monday. He was so tired, he felt it was better to hold Monkey in his mouth.
Playing in the river with Skid - our new afternoon activity.

Monday, May 20, 2013

More Pictures from Spring

 Mom got to go for one skin and ski on Tiehack in April. She felt pretty good and is already excited to race next winter. Skid really liked it as well!

 Hanging with Axel and Emerson on a nice sunny afternoon before the snow fell again.

 Uncle Patrick came for a quick weekend visit so we hiked Red Hill, went to the Hot Springs and out to dinner.

 Red Hill looking beautiful!

 Sunny afternoon with Selah and Zeke Schneiter. Their little sister will be here soon.

Serious attitude on this one. Playing with Brooke Bodenheimer in Eagle while Dad raced.

 I had a spring show last week and my class dressed as bees and flowers.

 My new bike! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Silly faces and full bike racks.

Happy 3rd Birthday Axman!

We celebrated Axel's birthday with Reed Russell again. We stretched it out for the entire Easter weekend! 

First we took Amtrak from Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction with Dad and Rob. Mom and El drove down later.

 Then we went out to dinner in Grand Junction.

Everyone got a ride or run in the next day. Axel had a bit of a crash but then he decided the blood was cool.

Sunday was Easter and Axel's actual birthday so we celebrated both at West Buttermilk with Reed and many others.

Kiki, T and I enjoyed the festivities.

Emerson and I chilling.

The whole gang: Ed, Owen, Zach, Dad, Juniper, Mom, Axel, T, Todd, Wendy, Emerson, Elinor, Rob & Reed

Mom's first time back on skis. She took one run with us before deciding it was too much on the ankle.

I practiced for the X Games.

This ended with a face plant and yard sale but I was fine.

The day ended with Axel learning to ride his new pedal bike.

Spring Break - Moab

We snuck to Moab for a few days of Spring Break with the Borchers and the Zannis.
Hiking to Double O arch with Dad and Ax. Mom wasn't allowed to hike by this point.
All the kids. Cate, Emma, Juniper, Grace, Axel & Curtis
Grace, Axel & I playing. Axel loves Grace!
Cate Borchers & I made fast friends.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Catching Up

We got a Christmas Tree up by the old house on the mountain.

 Mom got ankle surgery.

Then a few days later it was Christmas!

I've been skiing at least one day each weekend.

 Axel learned to play hockey.

I learned to skate!

Axel has been practicing driving tractors.

And hauling wood.

 Dad has been skate skiing a bunch and getting fast.
 Axel is almost three so he now drinks hot chocolate from espresso cups.

 I still have time to play in between school, ski school and helping mom while she's on crutches.

Axel enjoyed the Super Bowl at Ed, Linda & Owen's.

Justine & I skied with Dad in Vail during the Mountain Games!